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Ultrasonic Cell Disruption manufacturers
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Cell disintegration or lysis is a common part of daily sample preparation in biotech laboratories. The goal of lysis is to disrupt parts of the cell wall or the complete cell to release biological molecules. The so-called lysate can consist in e.g. plasmid, receptor assays, proteins, DNA, RNA etc. Following steps of the lysis are fractionation, organelle isolation or/and protein extraction and purification. The extracted material has to be separated and is subject to further investigations or applications, e.g. for proteomic research. Ultrasonic homogenizers are a common tool for successful cell lysis. As the ultrasonic intensity can be leveled by adjusting the process parameters, the optimal sonication intensity from very soft to very hard can be set individually for each substance and medium to meet the specific application

Ultrasonic cell distrupt is a very efficient and reliable tool for cell disintegration that allows for a complete control over the sonication parameters. This ensures a high selectivity on materials release and product purity. It is suitable to all cell types and easily applicable in small and large scale. Ultrasonicators are easy to clean. An ultrasonic homogenizer always features clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) function. The sonotrode consists in a massive titanium horn which can be wiped or flushed in water or solvent (depending on the working medium). The maintenance of ultrasonicators is due to their robustness almost neglectable.

Type ZYL-20 ZYL-28 ZYL-40
Power (W) 1000W 500W 500W
Frequency ( KHz) 20KHz 28KHz 40KHz
Adjusting Range 50%-100%
Processing Capacity 0.5-5L 0.2-2L 0.2-2L
Effical Length(mm) 80 150 80
Standard Diameter(mm) Φ16 Φ14 Φ8
Standard Features Ultrasonic System + Digital Generator + Support Bracket
Optional Accessories Soundproof box + Alerting signal output + PLC remote control + Anti-corrosion TIP
Ultrasonic Cell Disruption manufacturers

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