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quality Glassine silicone release paper
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Group Introduction
Founded in 1989 , Xinfeng Group (XFG) has grown to be a worldwide leading manufacturer of silicone release liners used in a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesive and synthetic leather industry. Nowadays , Xinfeng Group has six manufactories, located in Yangtze river and the Pearl river delta ,also two scientific & trading companies.
Xinfeng Group, staffed by thousands of employees , has the production capacity of 100,000 tons of release paper and the sales value is over 230 million dollars per annum. XFG has established more than 50 branched offices around China, serving over 150 cities with delivery time in 24 hours , our products are warm welcomed in the domestic also exported to Europe , America , the Middle East and Southeast Asia , etc.

Our factories
(I)In 1989 , the first company of Xinfeng Group , Wenzhou Xinfeng Composite Material Co.,Ltd was founded . Then, in 1990 , the sales value of XFG crossed the line of 1.5 million dollars , and 90% of the products are exported to the Middle East , Europe ,America and ect .

Wenzhou Xinfeng Composite Material Co.,Ltd

(II)In 1994, Wenzhou Xinfeng Decorative Material Co.,Ltd was founded in Wenzhou economic and technological development zone. At present , it has the production capacity of over 1000 tons of release paper per month .

Wenzhou Xinfeng Decorative Material Co.,Ltd

(III)In 2000 , Nanhai Xinfeng Composite Material Co.,Ltd was established in Foshan city ,Guangdong Province .The company mainly produce PEK , PET release film , PE protective film , glassine release paper , kraft release paper , high-gloss film and etc.

Nanhai Xinfeng Composite Material Co.,Ltd

(IV)In 2004, Wenzhou Sameway Import&Export Co.,Ltd was established to serve oversea market .

Wenzhou Sameway Import&Export Co.,Ltd

(V)In 2008,as the first Sino-Foreign joint venture company of the group , Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co.,Ltd was established officially . Meanwhile ,it is one of the eight key enterprises that supported by the Wenzhou government . Xinyi is mainly produce glassine release paper , CCK(clay coated kraft) release paper , PET release film and Y series casting paper for synthetic leather .

Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co.,Ltd

(VI)In 2008 , Zhaoqing Xinfeng Environmental Material Co.,Ltd was established in Zhaoqing city , Guangdong Province . The company is engaging in producing water-soluble Pressure –Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and solvent glue .

Zhaoqing Xinfeng Environmental Material Co.,Ltd

(VII)In 2009 , Xeor Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd was founded in Songjiang industrial zone in Shanghai ,mainly engages in environmental protection project investment , industrial organic waste gases purification and recovery , industrial wastewater treatment .

Xeor Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd

Nowadays , Xinfeng Group has the production capacity of over 100,000 tons of release liners and the sales value is over 230 million dollars per annum .
With our expertise accumulated in their field for nearly 30 years , Xinfeng has been continuously striving to respond to the needs of the times by developing a wide variety of high-quality release products .
Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. To meet the ever-increasing Global quality and standards,Xinfeng group has its certification done as per ISO9001(Quality Management System), ISO14001(Environmental Management System) , GB-T28001-2001(Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certificate) and our stringent quality control system .
Culture of XFG
Xinfeng’s Characteristic
I、An enterprise has an average annual growth rate of 15% since founded.
II、An enterprise with over 10 years employee accounted for more than 50%.
III、An enterprise with 80% management promoted by the front-line employees
Service Commitment
XFG has seven branched manufactories, based in Yangze river delta and the pearl river delta , possesses a strong marketing sense and capability .Xinfeng Group has been developing its business ,including composite materials, special paper ,international trading, new energy and fine chemicals .
Advanced automatic equipment, modern technologies and scientific management, these are the main reasons what make Xinfeng Group stands out .Especially its release paper , has the highest accomplishment domestically , includes the widest range of products ,the highest output , the widest width , the highest quality . Plus, several of our branches are credit rated AAA , and honored long-term “Advancing Enterprise”.
Our Xinfeng members have always been having faith in sustainable development, strive for creation, win-win as cooperation policy , sincerity as our principle , which helps us to build up an excellent reputation in the field .quality Glassine silicone release paper

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