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China Tank Components
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Sanitary Straight In-Line Filter / Strainer
Strainers are a critical part of your process. They help maximize production efficiency, protect your valuable equipment and ensure product integrity.
Every sanitary process, whether it is a food, beverage, pharmaceutical or personal care process, requires particulate straining to protect product integrity and processing equipment from damaging objects.
Many processors use a variety of In-Line Strainers to ensure proper straining and increased productivity.When using straight-line strainers, you must break a process line for cleaning.
Inline strainers are designed in compact structure,strong filtering ability,less pressure loss,fast and easy to disassemble for cleaning and sterilizing(Because of the filter housing and filter element are separated)
Filter Specifications:
Filter housing material: SS304/SS316L
Seal Material:EPDM/SILICON according to FDA177.2600
Max working pressure:10 bar/145 PSI
Perforated metal size:0.5-2.0mm
Mesh Screen: 30-300mesh
Max. Working Temperature:120 °C(EPDM)
Pipe O.DBig GrinN25-DN150 1"-6"
Connection:Clamp / weld / thread
StandardBig GrinIN/ SMS/ RJT/ IDF/ 3A
Surface finish:Mirror polish to Ra≤0.6μm
Dimensions: Can be customized

China Tank Components

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