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China Piston Air Motors manufacturers
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Product introduction:
Piston pneumatic motor is often used in industrial transmission occasions that are suitable for frequent start-up conversion, high temperature and humidity, heavy load, such as papermaking, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry and other occasions.
Air pressure: When selecting pneumatic motor, please note that the technical specification list only represents the output parameters of the motor when the standard operating pressure is 0.62MPa. The output capacity of the pneumatic motor is related to the air pressure provided by the workplace. By adjusting the pressure, the air supply and the exhaust gas, the same motor can realize different output speed, torque and power in a certain range, and the performance of the motor can not be stable when the pressure of the motor air source is lower than 0.25MPa. In general, the specifications of the pneumatic motor are selected based on 70% of the technical parameters, so that additional power can be provided for starting and possibly overloading,
Maximum power: In general, when the speed of pneumatic motor is about 50% of the no-load speed, the maximum power is outputted.
Working speed: When choosing a pneumatic motor, you should first take into account the working speed rather than the idling speed
Note: The pneumatic motor should not idle for a long time. The performance curve in this catalog is only the maximum speed that can be achieved theoretically by motor operation, which is generally not recommended to run in this situation.
Working torque: The technical parameter, which is as important as the operating speed of the pneumatic motor, is the operating torque. The two factors of rotating speed and torque determine the required motor power. When a pneumatic motor is selected, the difference between the blocking torque and the working torque must be observed.
Speed and torque: The starting torque is about 75% of the blocking torque.
The operating torque or the rated speed torque at any speed can be approximated to the motor performance curve or calculated by the use of the following formula: torque (Nm) = power (KW) * 9550/ speed (rpm)
Air system, air supply and flow: Once a pneumatic motor is selected, it is important to ensure that the required air pressure is provided to the motor when the motor is in operation. Because of the possible pipeline loss in the air system, the pressure reading on the compressor does not mean that the pneumatic motor in operation will reach the same pressure. Exhausted throttling may also have effect on the operation of pneumatic motors, which is often the cause of failure
Air inlet control: When installing reversible pneumatic motors, fast discharge valves should be used to prevent unsmooth secondary exhaust
To take the place of motor with a pneumatic motor: In addition to the DC series winding motor, the performance curve of the motor is completely different from that of the pneumatic motor, and their torque and speed curves can not match.
Product parameters:
锛癷ston airmotor
Maximum OutputMass(Product number)
ModelPowerTorque SpeedAir ConsumptionBasic type
TMH-1.01.0 0.751781950053150024MH0024C
Piston air motor has the following advantages
1 Infinitely variable speed and variable torque through pressure or flow regulation, without expensive controller
2 It can start, stop and turn quickly.
3 It will not overheat or burn out even under overload and stall
4 Safe operation under dangerous conditions, no sparks or hydraulic oil leaks, it is an absolutely explosion-proof equipment
5 With cold running characteristics to minimize the effects of high temperature, humidity or dusty environment
6 With simple design, sturdy structure, and low maintenance rate
7 With compact size, light weight, large power output, and high overload capacityChina Piston Air Motors manufacturers

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