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buy Licorice Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
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Licorice root powder
Basic Info
· Product Name: Licorice root powder
· Resource: 100% licorice roots
· Raw Material: licorices
· Certificate: cGMP
· Shelf Life:36moths
· Transport Package: All Paper Drum
· Origin:Xinjiang, China
· Appearance: licorice root powder is Brown fine powder.There is a faint special odor and persistent special sweetness.
· HS Code: 1302120000
Content: NLT 7.5% (HPLC)
· Trademark: FUJIE
· Packing Specification: 25KG/drum
· CAS NO:68916-91-6
· Action and useTonguealliative medicine, often with phlegm cough medicine compatibility, can reduce the stimulation to mucous membrane of the pharynx, and alleviate gastrointestinal smooth muscle spasm and deoxycorticosterone sample. Used for bronchitis, sore throat, bronchial asthma, chronic disease of adrenal cortex hypofunction.
annual production:The annual production capability of the factory can reach to 1200 tons.
1.we had passed China GMP.
2. we have 667 million square meters of licorice planting base.buy Licorice Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

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